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As the need for large, cost effective, data sets becomes ever more widespread, the use of UAV/Drone technology is being adopted across the survey industry in an ever increasing manner.

At Precision Air Surveys our key mission is to use our skills as  Geomatic Surveyors in conjunction with the latest in RTK UAV technology to produce reliable, accurate and quality assured survey mapping data time and again.


The Built Environment

Property Inspection

Rights to Light Surveys

Roof Inspections

3d Models

About Us

At Precision Air Surveys, we are not only qualified Land & Civil Engineering Surveyors, with over 25 years in the industry, holding current membership to The Chartered Institute of Civil Engineers.

We are also highly qualified CAA approved Drone pilots.

Using our experience and in-depth knowledge of National and local co-ordinate systems, along with modern surveying techniques, we have been able to seamlessly adopt the very latest in RTK UAV systems and processing software, to deliver highly accurate Geo-spatial data and 3D Pointclouds along with high resolution imagery

and 4K video.

Contact us now to see how we can help deliver your next project, using this workflow, in a fast, safe and efficient manner.

Topographical Mapping - Condition Surveys - Property inspections - Construction Site Visualisation - High Resolution Images - 4K Video - 

3D Point Clouds - DTM & Contour Models - 3d Textured Models - Golf Course Fly-by's

What can we deliver?
Precise Mapping using accurate survey techniques with network  RTK and GCP's
Measurable Results to Centimeter Levels
High Resolution Geo-Referenced Images
Efficient data capture methods saving time and money
Highly detailed 4K video
Conversion to 3D Models
Provision of dense 3D Point Cloud data
Safe systems of work
At Precision Air Surveys, Safety is our number one priority and in the interest of everyone we will always, if circumstances dictate, adopt a
Prior to every mission we will endeavour to Identify all local hazards within the mapping zone, contacting all relevant parties that may be affected and fly within the limits of our CAA Permissions.

Safe - Efficient - Reliable - Accurate Survey Data

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